Finally , a POS solutions designed for the small to medium sized independent operation. TablesPlus not only provides all of the functionality availabe with many of today's competitive POS systems , but delivers a simple to use solution at a price that is in reach of most operators.

Key Features

  • Multuple security levels
  • Split Checks / Split Payments
  • Graphical floor plan & table management
  • Rapid Bar & Tabs
  • Combos & Promotions
  • Priority menu screen by terminal
  • Single-Screen Menu Item Management
  • Simple "End of Day" Procedures
  • Meaningful Reports
  • SVGA Monitor & Mouse or Touch Screen Operation
  • Hand Held Server Ordering

Truly Operational

  • Effective Screen prompting
  • Easy-to-maintain menu & modifiers
  • Use of Graphics on screen buttonss
  • Embedded pool table management function for bars
  • " Drag and Drop" architecture

Simply Beneficial

  • Minimal learning curve , operational in hours , not days
  • Maximum sales control over all servers , bar tenders and counter staff. System Security access on all functions.
  • Valuable trime and labour cost savings through simplified menu / modifier maintenance.
  • Flexible applications design allows customized functions and reporting to be added or modified on demand.

Surprisingly Economical