· Windows-based “In-Store” Processor
· Superior POS Control and Functionality
· Total “Front-End” and “Back-Office” Compatibility


PennyLane® Software specifically designed PennyLane-Shop Floor to operate with “cash register like” control while delivering all the power you expect from a Windows-based PC-POS application program. Unlike standard screen-driven PC-POS software, PennyLane is keyboard-driven, providingthe functionality and processing speed that enables customer throughput to be measurably increased.

PennyLane is unmatched in its feature/function capabilities, performance and ease of use. It is simplythe finest, most convenient, and most comprehensive PC-POS software available today.


PennyLane software allows employees to be quickly trained to accurately perform all transactions. Its uncluttered, full screen display combined with the full function keyboard increases both staff and customer satisfaction. Its unique pre-processing of information helps speed customers through the check-out line.


Highly recommended as the retail store-level solution of choice, PennyLane combines an open architecture system with the processing power necessary to tie in to virtually any Head Office Inventory Control & Merchandising application. This allows system files to be imported into PennyLane Retail Enterprise software as well as a wide variety of industry recognized inventory,accounting and reporting packages. From a single stand-alone terminal to a multi-store, multiterminal operation, retailers seeking maximum functionality, maximum performance and maximum value, will enjoy the superior benefits of PennyLane.


Your business is unique. PennyLane software can be tailored to match your needs with functions easily added, removed, or assigned to “manager only” status. Recommended for use with the IBM SureOne™, PennyLane can be used on most other PC platforms running Windows-95, Windows-98, Windows-2000, or Windows-NT.


PennyLane, like a cash register, records and manages all transactions in a secure and controlled
fashion. “Flash” financial reporting is available at the touch of a key. Detailed cashier and clerk
reporting is also provided. All sales data and transaction sequencing are secured. PennyLane is
unaffected by power failures. When thesystem comes back up the “current” transaction is there
for you to pick up where you left off. Additionally, the software incorporates an extensive security
system preventing employees from unauthorized access to cash and data.


PennyLane is fully protected against network crashes. The system is comprised of two separate
components, the Front End, which is installed on the local hard drive of each POS terminal, and the
Windows-based “Back Office” system, which can be installed on a separate PC in the store’s office
area or in fact on one the terminals. Each terminal works with its own copies of the master files,
which means that it your network goes down the terminals just keep chugging away and your retail
operation is not brought to a stand-still. When the network comes back up the terminals simply fire
the transactions which they performed “off-line” back up to the ISP ( In-Store Processor ). You can
breathe easy with the knowledge that your PennyLane system really is bullet-proof.


· Frequent Shopper Discounts
· Automatic Cost+ Pricing By Customer
· Customer Loyalty Program
· Customer Profiling
· Inventory Locator
· Purchase Ordering & Receiving
· Clerk and Cashier Reports
· Electronic Journal Maintenance
· Customer Credit Limits
· Tax Forgiveness on Food Stamps
· Integrated, Seamless Credit/Debit Authorization Using CreditCHEQ Direct
· Hourly Reports
· Scale Interface
· Price Tag Printing including Bar Codes
· Shelf Label Printing
· Assignable Security Levels, by Clerk, Key and Function
· Number of PLUs limited only by disk capacity
· PLU Searches by Code and by Description
· Optional Mandatory Clerk Entry by Transaction
· Optional Mandatory Customer Entry by Transaction
· “Flash” Summary Reports to Screen or Printer
· Accounts Receivable Sub-system
· Search Customers by Code and by Name
· Special Order and Multiple Item Layaway Handling
· Transaction Suspend ( On Hold ) and Restore/Continue
· Alphanumeric PLUs
· Up To 200 Preset PLUs and 100 Preset Open Departments on Keyboard
· Quick Tender Keys & 12 Media Keys
· Non-resettable Grand Totals
· Programmable Keyboard support
· Three Lockable Shift Levels plus Default Level
· Last Item, Previous Item(s), and Sale Voids / Manager Voids, Refunds
· Five Programmable Preset Discounts
· Item and Subtotal Discounts (Open)
· Store and Manufacturer’s Coupons (Open)
· Automatic Currency Conversion
· 80 or 40 Column Mode Screen Presentations
· Buffered or Continuous Receipt Printing
· Training Mode
· Produces ASCII Data Format Poll File at End-Of-Day
· 9 Shift Scanning Levels
· Tax Status By PLU
· Alert PLU Tone Flag
· VAT Handling
· Advanced Sales & Inventory Reporting
· Negative Check Files
· Split Pricing, Mix & Match Table Support
· Programmable Key Data Entry
· Remote Receipt Copies
· Non-Discountable PLUs
· Category / Family / Department / Sub-Department / Style Definitions
· DBase DBF File Formats
· Network Off-Line Handling


· Online Sales Reports
. Current Sales Analysis Report
. Current Sales Summary Report
. Current Transaction Summary Report
. Current Hourly Sales Report
. Sales Summary Report & Transaction Summary Report
. Hourly Sales Summary Report
. Daily/Hourly Statistical Analysis Report
. Sales Analysis Report
. Product Re-Order Report
. Inventory Valuation Report
. Inventory Movement Report
. Customer Inquiry Report
. Customer Address Labels