POSERA's Maitre D' Restaurant System is a totally integrated POS and Back Office system solution designed specifically for the needs of the hospitality market. The system combines the flexibility, processing power and speed performance of touch screen technology with the simplicity, securityand costeffectiveness of a cash register. The optimum design of the software enables it to be run effectively on a variety of cost effective platforms.

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Ideally suited for tableservice and fine dining operations, Maitre D' provides maximum control for server ordering, table management and time & attendance functions. Effective back office controls provided by Maitre D', manage your inventory, monitor food and liquor cost and plan your ordering. Operational sales information can be easily imported into a host of standard accounting packages. Whether as a single, standalone terminal or in a multi-store, multi-terminal configuration, operators seeking maximum control and value will enjoy the benefits of Maitre D'.

In the quick service/fast food environment, Maitre D' excels, offering superior performance and control. The "delivery module" provides an excellent customer database and tracks driver productivity and delivery standards. Maitre D' increases sales with its' ease of use at the drive-thru while improving overall drive-thru performance.

Maitre D' POS Features

The Maitre D' POS System offers a most comprehensive set of features and functions for maximum control of Point-of-Sale, Inventory and Time & Attendance in the foodservice industry. Available in both DOS and Windows versions, Maitre D' can be configured in a variety of ways to meet specific client requirements and pocketbooks.

Point-of-Sale Features

* Simplified Server Operations (walkthrough)
* Compulsory preparation instructions (food/drinks)
* Remote order printing
* Split checks, Check transfers, Combined checks graphically depicted
* Reason codes for voids
* Standard and Custom modifiers
* Table Management and Customer Tracking
* Unlimited PLU's and modifiers
* Stock out/"86" Items
* Management Control of; Voids, Coupons, Staff Meal Discounts, Refunds, No Sales, Paid Outs
* Supports hard check or soft check
* Server banking or cashier banking
* Sign-in/out, tip declaration
* Training Mode
* Password Protection
* Multiple Media
* Controlled Access/Security levels
* Menu/price changes "on-the-fly"

Time & Attendance

* Multiple Employee Job Locations per Employee
* Standard or Overtime Hours per Job
* Activity Status Reporting
* Labour Cost %
* Sales per Man Hour Reports
* Server Sales Reports
* Open Tables/Settled Checks
* Full Media Accountability
* Labour Scheduling

Inventory/Recipe Control

* Real-time food & beverage inventory
* Single or multi-location
* Simplified "build" menus for recipes, bulk items
* Ingredient/Cost Tracking
* Unlimited Recipe Tables
* Transfers
* PLU/Recipe Costing & Usage reports
* Theoretical vs. Actual Variances
* Wastage/Spillage Reporting
* Receiving controls
* Re-order levels and thresholds

Management Reports

* Operations reports are available as required on the system and may be obtained at any time.
* Daily Transaction Reporting
* Sales (Daily & Period-to-Date)
* Tax (Daily & Period-to-date)
* Server Reports
* Department Reports
* Open Checks Report (All or Indiv. Server)
* Item Sales/ Preference Reports
* Exception Reporting (Voids, Discounts, Coupons, Mgmt. Comps.
* Media Reconciliation


* Improved Controls without Complexity
* Increased Security & Simplicity
* Proven Reliability (over 2,000 installations)
* Canadian developed software
* Simple, yet Flexible
* Low Maintenance - High Performance

POSiNET's Renowned System Support

* Full Installation, Programming and Training
* 7 x 24 Telephone Support
* Business Day/Week Day On-Site Support
* On-Site Support for any "System Down" Situation
* Support contracts available
* Supplies
* Hardware Repairs
* System Re-configuration
* Custom Reporting and Programming
* System Back-up and Restoral Service
* File Maintenance