The XR650 is equipped with Ethernet Communication providing customers with the ability to send & receive data quickly and securely through local area networks or via the internet. Integrated high speed credit/debit reduces transaction times to seconds eliminating long line ups! The adjustable 5.7" color LCD operator display makes transaction viewing and monitoring a breeze. Buffered print furnishes a "clean receipt" through the terminals thermal printer.

The XR650 is Flash ROM based which makes upgrading simple with no expensive hardware costs. The terminal also comes with 4 megabytes of memory allowing up to a 65,000 item file without adding any memory. The Datasym XR650 affordably priced with maximum functionality!

Merlin 6670


The future of POS Terminals is here. Datasym’s revolutionary Merlin 6670, the Modular Point of Sale System. Whether your business is Grocery, Closeout, Liquor, Fast Food, Cafeteria, Bakery, or General Retail, Merlin is the powerful new solution that adapts with you, as your business grows and changes.

With the same power and functionality of Datasym’s legendary 6000 Series Terminals, but with half the footprint, Merlin promises a whole new world of possibilities. By separating the processing Terminal, the keyboard, the till, the display, and the printer, into individual components, you can customize the System to fit into your layout

Merlin 6670TM is Datasym's Next Generation POS System. Even though it looks like a PC-POS System, it provides the ultimate in flexibility and durability. With fanless operation and "instant-on", there is no waitingfor an operating system to boot up! And, with completely modularity, key components can be placed wherever you wish, meeting your lane needs and saving you valuable counter space!

Merlin also has incredible expandability --12 external ports -- and supports external customer and operator displays. Additionally, Merlin is Inter-Register Compatible with Datasym’s current product line (depending on your current version of flash) so integration into your current operation is almost seamless. Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, you and your staff can be up and running in just minutes!

Get the power of Datasym's Next Generation Modular Retail POS Solution for your business and discover how much the right POS System can mean to your business.

6000 Series

At Datasym, our Products and Services are built with the needs of our clients in mind. We poll market demands to under stand what each sector requires and desires, then build Systems specific to virtually every Retail Sector.

We then carry that commitment one step further, by continuing to evolve and develop Strategic Alliances with some of the top complementary Hardware & Software companies servicing each sector. These directives help ensure our POS Systems will meet your needs both today, and tomorrow.

In addition to market specific features on each model, all 6000 Series Terminals share specific features thatwill increase productivity and maximize your bottom line to provide you with the most complete POS System available, at a price you can afford

SX800 Series

Designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry: Casual Dining, Bars, Clubs and Quick Service Restaurants

The SX800 terminal provides an innovative and cost effective solution for the hospitality market. The
ROM-based SX800 POS workstation comes with a 5.7" Color dual backlight display that include a full
quick/table service feature set. It is also available with a monochrome screen as the model SX700.

The SX800 was designed for maximum speed and ease of use. It comes with a 16 line, backlit, color
LCD display and a fully programmable 156-position keyboard. The terminals are fully capable of providing
table mapping as well as a terminal monitoring feature for extra security.

Features include: user-friendly pop-up input screens, full transaction details views, scroll and select
display functionality provide an easy to learn and use system for your employees!Full communications
are available through optional back office packages

DX890 Series

Designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry: Casual Dining, Bars, Clubs and Quick Service Restaurants

The DX890 is a ROM-based Touchscreen POS workstation with a 10.4" 256 color TFT dual backlight display
that has an extensive quick/table service feature set. The TFT provides fast refresh speeds and very high
resolution. The viewing angle of the display is easily adjustable, promoting smooth, accurate transaction
entry. The terminals are fully capable of providing table mapping as well as a terminal monitoring feature for
extra security. Training new employees is quick and simple!

The DX890 provides Eat In, Take Out and Delivery functionality with totals to the Quick Service Industry.
Automatic piece count reporting promotes accurate preparation to meet cooking needs at peak periods of
the day. The 10Mb/s Ethernet option enables the IRC system to be configured to meet any busy environment
that requires heavy data transfer at high speeds.Full communications are available through optional back office package